The architect and designer Léo Shehtman has been a driving force in the Brazilian and international markets since 1981. His projects, both at home and abroad, are notable for their contemporaneity and cutting edge feel, always focusing on functionality, architectonic aesthetics and composition.
“I try to diversify the types of projects I work in, whether in architecture – including construction and renovation -, interiors, furniture or object design, so I can deal with all kinds of clients, and also, of course, for my own professional satisfaction”, says the expert.

Eager for innovation, Léo Shehtman is always on the lookout for inspiration, which leads to constant travelling and participating in architecture and design fairs, such as the Salone del Mobile, in Milan, and the Brazilian Casa Cor, as well as providing seminars and lectures in several states of his home country. According to Shehtman, design and architecture share a common path, each in its due proportion.